The Challenge.

Whether you think our next president is the best or worst, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I struggled with who to vote for and how to get my conscience in line with my ballot, but this time around there were far too many losses on either side for me to gain an understanding of how to vote for either party. I’m not turning a blind eye to one candidate’s issues over another.

Saying you have to vote for the “lesser of two evils” is still admitting that they’re both evil. I’m not ok with that.

I was seriously thinking today (don’t make fun of me): Who would Jesus vote for? What would He do in this situation?

I think about how He came into a land and a time where the government wasn’t on His people’s side. How the Israelites were expecting someone to come and overthrow the government and bring restoration.

Their definition of restoration.

I think about how with each time He was confronted with an issue regarding politics and government He seemed to totally flip it on it’s head and bring perspective and truth. I think about how confusing this must have been to those He came to save. They were expecting a Savior and a literal king. They were expecting someone to bring justice to the past and clarity to the present. That’s not what He did.

He came and brought truth and life in ways that people didn’t expect.

He didn’t change the government. He changed lives.

I think for the first time maybe ever I have the slightest fraction of a fraction of a glimpse into what it was like for those people waiting on Jesus to come change the government.

Maybe it’s the people telling me who’s blood will be on my hands depending on who I voted for. Maybe it’s the hatred that’s becoming normal. Maybe it’s the lack of compassion in people’s hearts and the lack of respect in others.

I can’t help but feel in this election we were hoping for our president to represent our Biblical values but we forgot our Biblical values. That we voted for “the next 40 years and not the next 4” as I’ve heard it said (I’ve also heard it said “what if you gain the whole Supreme Court and lose your soul?”).

These issues are so complicated. I know life is important. I know respect and unity are important. I know experience is important. I know the leader of the free world has been elected and there’s no turning back now.

If you’re celebrating tonight, I won’t hate. But I would ask that you open your eyes to the scared and hurting tonight as well. The ones who have been isolated in this election and now have to come to grips with a new America. An America they have no idea if they belong to anymore.

I think I’m disappointed. I would’ve been disappointed either way.

We scream “Biblical values” but degrade our neighbors.

We yell for greatness and silence the marginalized while sitting in our comfortable homes forgetting what’s happened to people in our country in the past year.

We ignore the gaping, vast hate that has spread like wildfire around us in exchange for our party’s victory.

This transaction will be one to share with future generations and to be taught in history books.

America, you’re already great. Living in a different country has shown me that. I want to level with you in regards to the next four years – I’m not on the same page with what’s happened in this election.

This is a wake up call.

This is the time to start realizing that I can make a difference in the lives of those around me. This is the time to get up in the morning, storm heaven, and ask God what’s in my hand to do in this next season.

I’m not dependent on a president to change what’s frustrating me. He’s not the solution. The solution has been the same thing for the past 2,000 years and He’s not going anywhere.

I’ll repeat what I said before the results were in:

I’m tired of all the complaints. The empty words with no actions to back them up. The lack of kindness & authenticity. The finger pointing & enemies being made behind our phone & computer screens due to words from strangers who could be our next door neighbours. The dependency on government as the only solution when I personally have two hands & two feet to change things that frustrate me. The band aid on wounds that need surgery only possible through more than our defensive religion. 
This is for me as much as it is for you, to take our words & turn them into action.

To embody the Gospel.

To have our frustrations lead us to solutions.

This is a challenge to shift the responsibility on myself to make a difference. There are 1,640 days that make up the next presidential term. What am I doing with that time?

When the next presidential election rolls around I don’t want all my ideals and beliefs to be backed by a vote. I want them to be backed on how I’ve lived my life and used my time. I pray that my vote every four years wouldn’t be my only course of action to make a difference in my country.

Here’s the bottom line: WE have the opportunity to make America the best it’s ever been. No president can do what you personally can do in the lives of those around you.


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